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Seleriana Tillandsia Air Plant (4"+)

Seleriana Tillandsia Air Plant (4"+)

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Seleriana Tillandsia Air Plant 4"

Usually Ships Monday or Tuesday to ensure highest quality/ livelihood upon receiving.

The Best Online Air Plant Shop for Canadians: One stop shop for Tillandsia air plants, terrariums, sand, gravel and moss. Available for wedding favor's, gifts, home décor, interior design, and much much more!

Please let us know in the notes section if you would like to request a certain size and our family owned and operated team will do our best to hand pick those for you.

Note: Please remember that each air plant is unique in it's own way and may vary slightly from the images shown. We do our best to provide each of our customers with the healthiest, best looking plant possible. It's 100% normal for some leaves to have minor leaf imperfections or color variations. When we have flowering plants, we try our best to ship the plant prior to blooming so that you can enjoy the full length of the bloom cycle.

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