• Mike from Ontario

    My Bamboo blinds final gave in after 18 years of use, It's blown me away how long they lasted. I'm back for more...

  • Saraha from Alberta

    My blinds arrived today and they are perfect. Just what I expected. Super fast shipping too

  • Mel from PEI

    My porch now has privacy and shade. It's gonna be a great summer. 

  • Who are we?

    We are a family owned business & currently have 3 generations working together in harmony.

  • Better for the planet

    We package our blinds in recycled corrugated cardboard. Please recycle it upon receiving your order.

  • We all need a little help

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Bamboo is fast growing and renewable!

  • For Outside or Indoors

  • The Movies

    We love the texture of our bamboo blinds. We have supplied the industry for over 30 years.

  • By Kelly Behun, designer

    • Column in the Strategisk NY magazine
    • Home upgrades for under $100
    • There is something charmingly low-tech about these — especially in a bathroom or kitchen window. Light filters through them in a really lovely way.
    31 Low Lift Home Improvements for Under $100 
  • Tortoise design is the best for outdoor use.

    • The tortoise blinds are made from the hard outer skin of the bamboo pole. It is more dense, and less porous.
    • Bamboo blinds have this absolutely amazing way of creating texture in a room. They bring that important element, which is entirely necessary for creating a room that has different levels of depth.
    Tortoise Designer Shades 
  • Cottage Country Life

    • These blinds are very easy to install.
    • They are perfect for any style. Partly because of the wide variety of color shades, but also because they look wonderful with curtains, and make it easy to incorporate any patterns, colors, etc.