Getting my air plant to bloom

How do I get my air plant to bloom?

Most healthy air plants would eventually bloom when they mature if you are wondering how do you get your air plants to bloom. You can also fertilize the air plants to help them mature and bloom sooner if you wish.


How to fertilize air plants with plant food to get my air plant to bloom?

The best way to fertilize your air plants is to follow the instructions on the specific fertilizer packaging you have.

Dilute any powder form fertilizer in water before your soak or mist your air plants with the nutrient charged solution.

Many air plant fertilizer also comes in liquid form. You may need to dilute it if it’s concentrated or apply directly on the air plant if it is already diluted.

Different fertilizer formulas can vary in strength and concentration so it is always the safest to go with the prescribed dosage on the packaging. When in doubt, dilute the plant food with more water and use less fertilizer. You cannot get your air plant to bloom faster by over fertilizing. Too much fertilizer can burn your air plant, doing more harm and good.

What is the best way to use air plant fertilizer to get my air plant to bloom?

Also keep in mind that air plants can only absorb the nutrients from fertilizer when the water is mild acid at around the PH of 5.5 to 6.0.

Most rainwater has this ideal acidity level whereas tap water would have more alkaline. If you are using tap to water your air plants, let the water air out in a container overnight. The water will naturally acidify when carbon dioxide in the air interacts with the water to form carbonic acid.

Mist your fertilizer with this aired out water to help your air plant absorb all the nutrients so you can get your air plant to bloom sooner.


How often do you fertilize air plants?

It is typically enough feed your air plants the recommended amount of fertilizer twice every month.

You can stop fertilizing your plants once you get your air plants to bloom. This will help the flowers last longer.

What is the best fertilizer for air plants?

There are many brands of air plant fertilizers available in the market. And most air plant foods and even some bromeliad and orchid fertilizers would do the job.

When you are buying air plant food, the best fertilizer is one with high contents of water soluble nitrogen and without any copper or zinc. The latter elements can prevent the trichomes from functioning regularly to intake water for the air plant.

Are there other ways to get my air plant to bloom besides using fertilizer?

In additional to fertilizing your air plants, you can also get your air plant to bloom faster with the aid of ethylene gas.

Commercial growers and nurseries would often get the air plants to bloom by filling the growing room with ethylene gas. This is a natural substance produced by some fruits and vegetables when they are ripening.

You can also pull off this neat trick at home with a bag of ripen fruits. Place your air plants next to some ripen fruits in an enclosed area (light and air movement still required). You can get your air plant to bloom much faster by exposing it to the naturally emitted ethylene gas from the fruits.

With some proper care and patience, you can always get your air plant to bloom naturally without any of the extra steps above. And it will be a very rewarding experience once your air plant get to full bloom at its own course.