Can I cut down my blinds to size?

Yes it is possible for to cut our blinds down to the width or length required

Bamboo is similar to cutting wood.
Sorry we do NOT cut any blinds at our store, this must be done yourself.
How much can be cut off each end?
          Up to 3.5 inches on small sizes Matchstick series &
          Up to 8.5 inches can be cut off each end of the 6’ Matchstick series.

          Up to 3 inches on Toro series. You can take more off the wider the blind.

          Up to 5 inches on Others designs. You can take more off the wider the blind.
    How to cut down the width of a bamboo blind
    1. Make sure the blind is tightly rolled up.
    2. Tape it in place.
    3. Measure and mark where to cut, measure again.
    4. Cutting with a downward chop saw gives best results
    5. Other types of saws can be used please comment on your success

    How to shorten bamboo blinds length

    Our blinds do roll up and down to length, you may also shorten them.


    How to Hang our blinds

    It is easy peasy please watch

      Replacement Cord

      Sun exposure does fade and degrade all items on planet earth. New nylon pulley cord can be purchased @

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