Do you need to water air plants

Do you need to water air plants?

 Do you need to water air plants? Air plants need water, light, and air just like any other houseplant

Although tillandsias are commonly called “air plants”, they do need light and water to complete their photosynthesis just like any other houseplant.

The biggest difference between watering air plants and houseplants is that you water the leaves of air plants directly. There is no need to water air plants at the roots or pot them in soil.

How do air plants get water and nutrients without roots or soil?

Air plants are covered with a layer of specialized plants cells known as trichomes. This silvery, fuzzy coat of hair or trichomes allow the plants to absorb water directly through their leaves without the help of the roots.

Since air plants are often growing on other tree branches or rock surface in nature, they have developed a way of getting water without relying on their roots. The roots that on air plants are often developed for the plants to mount onto something and situate themselves.

So you do need to water air plants. Soak the entire air plant in water and allow the leaves to absorb the water rather than relying on their roots to do the job.

How do you water an air plant?

When you water your air plants, make sure the entire plant is saturated with water. The best way to water your air plants when you only have a handful of plants is to soak the air plants in a bowl of water.

Misting is perfectly fine when you need to water air plants quickly. Just make sure you mist the air plant thoroughly. In fact most commercial growers and nurseries water their air plants with sprinklers or hose down everything.

Misting is an efficient way to water air plants when you have thousands of plants in the growing grounds. But soaking is probably the easiest way to water your air plants for your personal collection at home. In fact, soaking is the simplest way when you need to water air plants thoroughly at the end of each week.

How long do you soak an air plant?

Simply prepare a bowl of clean water that is enough to cover all the plants and let your air plants soak for ~30 minutes each time.

Your air plants can typically get all the water they need within the 30 minutes soak. There is no need to water air plants for longer since the plants can only take in so much water at a time before they expense it.

How often do you soak air plants?

You only need to water most air plant once a week when you grow them indoor. You can also soak the air plants more often and mist them with water in between if your air plants are dry. But you don’t need to water air plants more frequently than they can expense the water.

Do you need to water your air plants more frequently?

The general rule of thumb is to water the air plants more frequently when it’s hot and dry. You also need to water air plants more often if you grow them indoor where the AC or heater is always on since air tends to be dry in such environments.

Just make sure your allow the air plants to completely dry out in between watering's. Keeping your air plant moist for too long can cause root rot and prevent the plant from performing its carbon exchange regularly.

How to dry your air plants after each soaking?

Gently shake off any extra water on the plant after you soak your air plants. Let the air plants sit on a dish rack or somewhere with good air circulation to prevent water from collecting at the bottom of the plant.

Your need to water air plants as much as giving them time to breathe. Let them wind dry within 4 hours of each watering to prevent root rot and fungal development.

Placing your air plant near an open window when it’s warm outside is a great way to let the plant dry quickly. Just avoid extreme cold/ heat or direct light when you are drying your air plants. It is always a safe practice to keep your air plants away from the heater or AC as extreme temperatures are not ideal for air plants.