watering an air plant

How do you water an air plant?

How do you water an air plant is really up to you. The most common methods to water air plants are (1) soaking, (2) misting, and (3) dipping.

These are all great ways to water an air plant. You can water your air plant whichever way that is easiest for you or combine the different ways to best meet your plant’s needs.

How do you water an air plant by soaking it?

Place the plants upside-down to ensure the entire plant gets a good soak in the water. Gently shake off any excessive moisture after each soak and let the ar plant dry thoroughly within 4 hours of watering.


How often do you soak air plants?

Soak your air plants in a bowl of clean water for 30 minutes each time once a week. Rainwater is ideal if you can collect some.

Since air plants absorb water through the trichomes on their leaves rather than their roots, there is no need to focus on watering the roots or bottom of the plant.

In fact, make sure the roots and bottom area of your air plant are completely dry after each watering since most fungus development begin in that area. Fungus growth can lead to root rot, which can kill the air plant if you don’t avoid it. How do you water an air plant does not matter as much as how do you keep your air plant dry after each watering.

How do you water an air plant by misting?

Although most sellers would recommend soaking your plants when you ask them how to do water an air plant, misting is just as easy and efficient as soaking.

How often do you mist air plants?

Most air plants need to a good mist of water 2 to 3 times a week. Fill your spray bottle with clean tap water or rainwater and mist your air plant until it is completely drenched. Every part of the plant should be thoroughly wet with excessive water running down from the foliage. Let your air plant wind dry within 4 hours of watering.

You need to water your air plants more frequently by misting rather than soaking since the plant can only absorb so much water during each misting.

When do you want to mist air plants rather than soaking them?

Although misting may require more watering's each week, it also saves a lot of time and hassle when you don’t have to prepare a big bowl of water and take all the plants out for a long soak each week.

If your air plant is growing on a mounted display that may not be easy to take off, misting is much easier than trying to take the plant off and soaking it every week.

Again, how do you water an air plant really depends on your preference. But misting air plants 2-3 times a week can be just as effective as soaking your tillandsias once a week.

How do you water an air plant with the dipping method?

Besides soaking and misting air plants, you can also water an air plant by quickly dipping it in water.

Dip your plant in a cup of clean water 2 to 3 times a week for about 5 seconds each time. Hold your plant upside-down when you dip the air plant in water. Make sure the entire plant is wet when you dip it in the cup. Shake off any extra water and let your air plant dry somewhere with good circulation within 4 hours of watering.

When do you want to water an air plant by dipping?

Dipping is probably the fastest way to water an air plant thoroughly, especially for those who are looking for a less conspicuous way to water their air plants in the office. A small cup of water is all you need to water your air plant by dipping.

If you air plant is mounted on a gold dipped crystal, painted seashell, or other settings that can oxidize over time, dipping provides a great answer to those who are wondering how do they water an air plant without tarnishing the air planter.

Air plants are very easy to care for. How do you water an air plant is really a matter of preference. Just make sure the air plant is thoroughly wet and then completely dry again each time you water it.


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