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SPIDERWOOD DRIFTWOOD 36 cm - 14 inch +

SPIDERWOOD DRIFTWOOD 36 cm - 14 inch +

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Spider Wood is very cool looking driftwood perfect for any aquarium or terrarium. Each piece is unique and has web like branches with lots of character. Would be great as a focal point in a smaller tank or add a few for larger tanks. 

Spiderwood is a root from a water azalea. It is light weight and will need to be soaked for a couple of days in water to get it to sink.

This would also be a nice addition to any hermit crab enclosure. They sure do love to climb.

A nice benefit to spiderwood is that it doesn't leach as much tannins as other types of driftwood, so your tank water will stay clear.

Each unique piece varies in dimensions. You are not getting the exact pieces shown. 

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